Web trends in 2014


In my first ever blog post I will be going through some of the top trends which I believe we’ll see amongst websites in 2014. With phones and tablets becoming more powerful to handle the strain put on them by the browsers, web designers/developers will be looking to give users a cross-platform dynamic experience.

  • Responsive Layout – Reports suggest that mobile is set to overtake desktops usage in the near future, so it’s now more important than ever to ensure sites can adapt to any screen size. Mashable is one of the sites that does this well.
  • Animation – With Flash long gone, browsers are beginning to adapt to handling CSS3 transition which adds movements to elements on the page. Coin is a great example of this as they show their product in action via a story narrative by moving down the page.
  • Persistent Navigation – People tend to enjoy scrolling more than clicking. So when you have a page with a lot of content, highlighting where on the page the user is can give a sense of navigation clarity. Apple do a good job of this on their Mac Pro product page.
  • Video background – Providing a richer user experience, videos allow a product to shine and drawn attention to increase the time spent on a webpage. Vine is a prime example of how to keep users entertained.
  • Parallax Scrolling – Another story-telling technique based on the scrolling feature. Multiple backgrounds moves at different speeds to add depth to a page to make it more interesting. Spotify utilises this well making it an overall memorial site to use.

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