Fundamentals of good UI design


When I look at a site, an app, or when I look at a product I’m immediately thinking I can make this so much better by just adjusting a few things. Below I spotlight three of the most classic mistakes where people can really improve their designs dramatically by beginning to focus on some “low-hanging fruits”.

Typography – Really get the typography down by keeping it nice and clean, starting with three fonts and keeping every variation consistent. This includes the weight – is the style bold or thin?, the colour – is there good contrast between background?, and typeface – whether serif or san-serif?.

Grids – The overall layout and structure of information should be very clear that there is proper alignment and positioning as well as really good use of white space. Content may need to be dense for whatever reason but there is no reason you can’t add a little bit more space to allow text, icons or buttons a chance to breathe.

Language – You want to be really careful about what you’re trying to express and does it map to the user’s mental model or their expectations. We like to see beautiful icons everywhere but if the language you’re using is considered a “mystery meat”, chances are you’ll need to boil down with the product manger and with the users to find out what you’re trying to express.

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